Salvation Army Docu Film to Raise Sex Trafficking Awareness


Hard Corps: A Documentary on Porn + Human Trafficking, by the Salvation Army

SAVN.TV (Salvation Army Vision Network) has 35 days left in its Kickstarter compaign to raise funds to produce “Hard Corps,” a feature length documentary that uncovers the hidden coercion in the sex industry and the connection between porn and sex trafficking.

Guy Noland, SAVN.TV’s executive director, told The Christian Post on Friday that both the girls who are being shown in the film, slated for release around Christmas time, and “the johns” who watch or buy them are enslaved in various ways. The goal of the documentary is to show people the tragedy behind the sex industry, and help them free themselves from it if they are involved somehow.

“There is so much darkness in this industry that people don’t understand,” Noland said.

The majority of prostitutes are being trafficked, he argued. “We think of trafficking as the 14-year-old girl who gets kidnapped off the street and sold into slavery,” and that does happen, but “trafficking is much more subtle than that,” said Noland. Most of the girls on the street are “getting pimped,” which means they are being threatened and coerced, working for nothing.

“The pimps are really good at what they do,” he said. Even in the legal brothels and massage parlors across the United States and in Canada, the girls aren’t really free. Many are still pimped; some are warned, “If a John asks you to do something and you don’t want to do it, just do it.” Even when a “madam” just rents the room, she can still fine the girl if the “John” isn’t happy.

“You’re in love with them (pimps), you’re afraid of them, you’ve got nowhere else to go, you’ve got no money, and they know it,” he said, articulating the dilemma in which these girls find themselves.

A lot of girls, even Annie Lobert, a former call girl who founded Hookers for Jesus, a ministry dedicated to restoring those hurt by sexual exploitation, “will admit they didn’t know they were being trafficked.”

The men aren’t free from the clutches of the sex industry, either, Noland argued.

He spoke to a UCLA sociology professor who wouldn’t call pornography addictive, but did say that the use of pornography triggers violence in 7 percent of the men in our society. Noland noted that 7 percent of a city like Los Angeles, with 10 million men, easily hits 700,000. Across the world, “maybe a billion men have this propensity toward violence through pornography.”

The sociologist told Noland that “once you become satiated with pornography, the need to move on to more deviant behaviors and more sinister acts” arises. He also interviewed a physiologist who said pornography is, unequivocally, addictive. Christian apologist, evangelist, and writer Josh McDowell will also be featured in the documentary, and explains the full effects of pornography.

“The façade of the sex industry is really a testament to the power of Satan’s influence over it,” Noland said. In the ever-elusive search for sexual fulfillment, consumers push to “get off.” Through this industry, Satan is “getting people to give in to their most worldly, selfish, and carnal desires, and to forget about others.”

Noland paraphrased 1 Corinthians 13:13, explaining the right order of human love, “God first, others second, yourself last.” The sex industry “switches that around,” twisting your priorities so “it’s yourself first, others second, and God last.”

“It’s an anti-christ industry,” he said. “It really teaches the antithesis of Christ’s message.”

Despite this great evil, Noland has seen many men and women come out, and he wants this video to inspire others to free themselves.

He told the story of 22-year-old porn star Molina Mason, who pushed him away instantly, saying “don’t you try and convert me.” She was convinced her life was wonderful because she got paid $1,000 each day, while many girls don’t get paid at all. Then she described “having her anus ripped in half” as “a bad day at work,” and mentioned her life plan – to die young of AIDS while a rich man took care of her.

When he hugged her, she said, “Thank you. I can’t remember the last time someone hugged me with my clothes on.”

Noland said he’d seen many lives turned around through the Salvation Army’s efforts. “I think a lot of these girls, once they find out that somebody really loves them,” find hope, he said.

He mentioned another girl whose foster family had her work in a convenience store. The owner led her into a credit hole, and demanded sexual favors as payback. After he started giving her to his friends, she found the Salvation Army, and “she’s now engaged to be married and going into ministry.”

These crimes are going on “in the first world, in America, in your neighborhood,” Noland stressed.

In addition to Hookers for Jesus, he mentioned another group, XXX Church, which goes to every porn convention, handing out Bibles. They don’t offer judgment, only “a better way.”

The “Kickstart” campaign, their fundraising effort, will only continue for 35 more days. Noland listed off incentives for giving, “a first look at the film, they’ll get their own copies of the film, both dvd and digital download,” a special snow globe coming out this Christmas, and, for major donors, credits in the film “everything from a ‘thank you’ to ‘co-executive producer.'”

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