Michigan Man Allegedly Possessed 32,000 Images of Child Pornography

Jeffrey Victor Marchione

By John Agar | jagar@mlive.com 

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – An Alto man facing child-pornography charges tried to kill himself with prescription drugs when police showed up to arrest him for sexual assault of a teen-ager, a federal prosecutor said.

Jeffrey Victor Marchione, who allegedly possessed 32,000 images of child pornography and advertised on the Internet for more, was free on bond when Kent County sheriff’s deputies showed up at his home earlier this month.

As police arrested him for third-degree criminal-sexual conduct and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Marchione overdosed on prescription medication, Assistant U.S. Attorney Tessa Hessmiller wrote in documents filed Monday, Aug. 19.

Marchione was hospitalized two days.

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He is currently held on $50,000 in the Kent County Correctional Facility, but federal prosecutors want him locked up on the federal charges if he is able to post bond on the state charges.

“The defendant stated while at the hospital that he wanted to die,” Hessmiller wrote in her motion to revoke bond.

“While the natural death of any defendant cannot be prevented, a suicide attempt by a defendant on bond that is serious enough to require two days of hospitalization demonstrates a deliberate effort not to appear for future legal proceedings,” she wrote.

Marchione, a counselor, foster parent and mentor to many boys, was arrested in June by the FBI after he allegedly advertised for child pornography. He also shared a 150-page manifesto on how to find and molest children without the children telling anyone, the government said in court records.

The government did not seek to have Marchione locked up upon his arrest on federal charges, but later sought detention after learning that Marchione allegedly molested a boy two or three years ago, record said.

Because prosecutors did not seek detention at Marchione’s early court appearances, they could not ask later, a magistrate judge ruled.

The prosecution thinks that Marchione has violated terms of his release.

Marchione, who is married, has put himself in position to be around children, and said in an Internet chat he was attracted to boys between 10 and 14, an FBI special agent testified earlier.

His adult children have supported him in court.



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