Parents Planned Their Children’s Sex Abuse Before They Were Even Born

adleta mugshot

A future of horrifying sexual abuse at the hands of their parents was set well before the two children of Sarah and Jonathan Adleta were even born.

By Amy Pavuk, Orlando Sentinel

Jonathan and Sarah Adleta’s children were doomed to a life of perverse cruelty before they were even born.

Jonathan Adleta, a former Marine officer, dreamed of the day he could have “daddy-daughter sex.” After Sarah Adleta became pregnant with a daughter, he said he would marry her only if she agreed to let him carry out that desire. When the couple had a son, Sarah Adleta was expected to have sexual encounters with him.

In an Orlando federal courtroom this week, prosecutors and witnesses described, in disturbing and graphic detail, the heinous exploitation and abuse the couple’s toddlers endured at the hands of their parents — even after they divorced.

Jonathan Adleta lived his dream until March, when the FBI received a tip that his 29-year-old former wife was communicating with a North Carolina man who was arrested on charges of having sex with a child.

That’s when federal authorities began unraveling a cross-country web of sexual abuse that culminated in convictions for both parents — and could land 25-year-old Jonathan Adleta in prison for life.

Sarah Adleta, a University of Central Florida student, pleaded guilty in May to two charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. She faces 15 to 30 years in federal prison and will be sentenced next month. On Thursday, jurors found Jonathan Adleta guilty of two child-sex charges. He’ll be sentenced in December and faces 10 years to life in prison.

The charges against him stem from abuse that occurred in December, when Sarah Adleta and the couple’s two children traveled to his home in Oklahoma so he could have sexual contact with his daughter.

But to tell the Adletas’ story, prosecutors had to take jurors to the beginning.

In opening statements, Assistant U.S. Attorney Karen Gable characterized Adleta as a father who had a “sexual appetite” for his own daughter.

Sarah Adleta testified that when she began dating Jonathan in 2008 — she was living with her family in Oviedo and he in an apartment in the Goldenrod area — he began showing her stories about fathers and daughters having sex, to gauge her interest in the possibility.

Their daughter was born in March 2009, and Sarah Adleta became pregnant with their son not long after.

Sarah Adleta, who testified for several hours this week wearing Orange County Jail garb, said she initially struggled with the concept and thought Jonathan Adleta would lose interest in it.

But she loved him, needed his financial security and said she would do whatever it took to not lose him, she told jurors.

Gable told jurors the couple made sex with their children “part of their parenting plan.”

They married in 2010.

The marine was deployed to Afghanistan, and when he returned, the family moved to California, where he was stationed. There, his ex-wife said, he had more sexual contact with the children.

In late 2011, Jonathan Adleta filed for divorce, and Sarah Adleta later returned to Central Florida. But even with thousands of miles between them, she allowed her former husband to continue to prey on his daughter electronically through the videoconference program Skype.

By the spring of 2012, Jonathan Adleta had found a new girlfriend who agreed to let him victimize her daughter.

The girlfriend, 23-year-old Samantha Bryant — a Texas mother he met on a dating website — testified this week that she watched as Jonathan Adleta molested her daughter. On at least one occasion, she took pictures of the assault.

Bryant, who was visibly shaken and cried throughout much of her testimony, said Jonathan Adleta asked her to write fantasy-type stories about him having sex with his daughter and her daughter. She did. She also complied when he asked Bryant to perform sex acts on her own daughter.

Bryant was eventually charged with and pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting her daughter and allowing Jonathan Adleta to sexually abuse the girl.

In December, Bryant and her two children spent Christmas in Oklahoma with Jonathan and Sarah Adleta and their two children. Sarah Adleta told jurors that there, her former husband sexually abused their daughter in his bedroom and called her in to watch.

Sarah Adleta, who was emotionless during much of her testimony, began to choke up as she explained what she witnessed.

“She seemed very resistant,” she said of her toddler, adding that the child was “really upset” and “frightened.”

But Sarah rendered no aid to her crying girl.

Weeks later, after she and the children returned to Oviedo, Jonathan Adleta suggested that his former wife should find another man to abuse their daughter so she would become comfortable with the sex acts, to prevent her from ‘freaking out” in the future.

During that time, Sarah Adleta was communicating with Aaron Dixon, a North Carolina man who was later arrested on child-sex charges in an unrelated case. She told jurors she performed sex acts on the children while Dixon watched via Skype.

In her closing argument Thursday, Gable told jurors that the last time the Adletas spoke, they discussed Sarah Adleta’s taking their daughter to Dixon so he could sexually abuse the girl.

Jonathan Adleta, the prosecutor said, liked the idea.




60 responses to “Parents Planned Their Children’s Sex Abuse Before They Were Even Born

  1. OMG.
    W.C.A.I.C. wishes to express sorrow and healing towards all abused children involved. AMEN.
    As much as I would like to say I wish to kill this man with my own hands, I will say that I will pray for this MAN to heal and become educated in why this is wrong.


    • Are you kidding me? What woman with a right mind would say yes to allow a pervert anywhere near her children? Let alone openly allow him to sexually able her!? It is as much the women’s fault as his, all of them are hopefully going to jail forever because all of them sexually abused children. How on earth could you seriously say the women in this situation are victims and that it’s the man’s problem to fix. They are all messed up, none more or less. Insanity. If he demanded this sickness then the women should have known what was right and wrong and left, immedientaly. Men are no better or worse than women and all have equal say in their lives. Grow a backbone, take responsibility.

      • I am a woman and a mother and I agree with Todd 1000%

      • I am a 36 year old woman and I completely agree with Todd. Taking care of children is the parent’s responsibility…man or woman. If one of them fails and the other “allows” it, they are both equally sick and disgusting. And let me add that she didn’t just “allow” it, she participated, she PLANNED it even! She is no victim! They are both sick, depraved individuals. And one day God will judge them. But I hope they get a little prison judgment here as well!!!!!

      • im with you 110 % Todd…well said! I dont even need to read any further comments…and i know i should say that i will pray for that mother to be healed but honestly…if i were in her town jail with her …i would join the other women in doing what would come naturally 🙂 Victim my ass! she’s just as responsible as he …wtf these people are sick and i believe there is a special place in hell for them all…I just hope that these young babies will be okay someday… Too much ! I honestly could vomit right now…now we have people “pre-meditading” sex acts on thier own UNBORN children…sickos! I am ashamed to be in the same country as these freaks! No excuse for them!

    • You’re kidding me, right?

      Dear Darwin, are you a sexist piece of work.

      It’s bad enough that stuff like this happens, but then trying to turn it to make men out to be sexual predators and monsters because of this one P.O.S. is beyond pathetic and horrible on your part.

    • you are fucking disgusting.

    • Lady you have to be joking!!! There is no way you would say something this idiotic and really believe it. I am a mother of 4 and wish an MF would ask me to do something like that. I would go all Terminator/Freddy on his ass. So who are you letting molest your kids?

  3. some women may do what ever man wants but not me after he would suggest it id let him go to sloop n cut his balls off n then feed it to him.

    • A-fckn men!!! That is bull a man tells you what to do…let some sick freak ask me to let them touch one of my kids in the wrong way or let me find out some one has or does, I will kill them personally…cause a REAL parent does NOT listen to a man, they love and protect their children because their children cannot protect themselves!!

      • TBH That isnt just a “Mans” fault its fucken both of theirs. soooo as it stands for a parent point of view yes you are right BUT! The women is equally as dumb for LETTING him do that.

  4. these women need to pay as well,what mother would do this.Fry them all!!

  5. Pray for these beautiful children, they have a very LONG SAD life ahead of them. PRAYERS needed!
    Healing Families of Abuse One Sole at a Time

  6. The need to cut his D*** off and stick it up his a** and for her cut her body parts off and let her bleed to death these people need to suffer for this. The poor children involved have a long life of problems. Feel so sorry for the children in this what is this world coming to.

  7. It is so sad that these children had go through this… It sickess me how a mother could let this happen… A mother is suppose to protect her children from all harm… These parents deserve exactlly what they get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Really this is so sad ass women! How u going to let this men hurt ur children!
    Praying for these babies.

  9. i believe some people will never know or care about the damage they cause others that have no choice such as these children. so sad for them. they will prob never recover. These two people should never see the light of day again!!

  10. As a victim of rape when I was a child I find this absolutely disgusting, you would parents you would want no harm to your children, I pray for those little ones, its been 13 years for me and I still have problems dealing everyday and coping! People are sick!

  11. Shit like this makes me understand that there’s no God! Fuck people!!!! Pieces of shit like that should not even get trail, but instantly tortured for this, and then killed aired on live TV to set an example to other sick-minded perverts! This isn’t even a crime, but it’s pure evil sickness!

    • I wish more ppl thought like you. This world might be a better place.

    • I believe there is a God but there is a Devil too…and obviously they are on his side of things sick fucks!! I also agree I wish they would air live tortured killings of people who hurt and kill other people especially people like this!! I guarantee crime rate would substantially decrease!

  12. Tell me again why people are blaming the mom MORE for letting it happen? What about dad? Those were his kids too, and she consented to it while they were dating. The very fact that we expect less from men, blame the mom more, and assume that men are less capable than women of feeling a natural instinct to protect their children is a contributing factor in this society. It’s an insult to every guy who’s laid it all on the line to take care of his family. We consider that an abnormality that a man would be an instinctive caregiver, but natural that a man would abuse their child all while “forcing” some woman who’s too weak to resist to participate. She knew it before the kids were even born. She probably liked it as much as him. But whatever the case…. You get what you expect. You expect a guy to be a dead beat loser… That’s what YOU get. Don’t lump all guys into deviant, bullying sex fiends, and all women into pathetic, weak victims. Because if that’s all you’re willing to believe, then that’s all you’ll see.

    • Very true!! Kudos 🙂 They both should have protected those babies, that is straight up evil! I wish they had not been able to conceive and someone out there who would love and protect these babies that are not able to conceive couldhave instead so so sad…both of them are equal sick fucks!

    • I don’t think they blame the mothers more. I think they are just more out-raged by them. We hear all of the time, too many times, about children being hurt like this. We even hear about parents who chose not to see the abuse. But to learn of parents enabling and contributing to abuse, or even consent to having children to abuse is not common. And please note I have not distinguished between the sexes. It is EVERY parents job to protect their children. But I will say that these mothers as well as the men will get what they deserve in prison. I sincerely hope the punishments they receive from their fellow inmates are not swift, but long chapters of torture befitting their evil acts!

  13. Horrendous… but the current law …does not even come close to deterring child abusers…We are failing these children. The punishment is not enough & we have to support oganizations to seek out each adult among us who is a funtioning narcissistic, self satisfying, cruel adult! Many are professionals & adults in prominent, positions who hide in plain site. Support Melissa Woodwatd and the organization; “For the sake of one” as well as the Polaris Project; a non-governmental organization; National Human Trafficking Resource Center [NHTRC] has a 24/7 hotline1-888-373-7888. They have the resouces contacts to follow through more effectively than local 911. Help them to make a dent in this pervasive problem in our communities.

  14. HELL is too good for these sorry excuses of humans. I can’t believe she’s innocent in all of this and just got pushed into it. Um, hello? He brought it up before they even conceived! Why didn’t she leave him and report him? These are a couple of the sickest people about whin I’ve ever read in a news report.

    He should get life in prison. Not the death penalty because it’s too good for him. He should have horribly large objects shoved up his bum repeatedly every day. While he cries an begs for the insanity to stop. It shouldn’t ever stop for him.

  15. And this is why I sit across from individuals who have experienced these type of horrible events as a child at the hands of people who were supposed to protect them and chose not to be loving parents! This kind of stuff leaves me chilled to the core

  16. I want to vomit!!!! WTF? I can not even wrap my head around such evilness and it horrifies me to know these subhumans even exits. I’m with the guy that wants to fry them. No mercy for them, as they showed no mercy towards the innocent children.

  17. This is a terrible story, The mom she must have been in some altered state of mind! to choose a man like that? as I reading this story I can’t help but think about the attack on our children today.. satanic…..I bleed the blood of Jesus over all, this has to stop in the name of Jesus….

  18. Perverts like this should first be castrated, then allowed to share a prison cell with others who can give them a taste of their own medicine…No prayers for them, they’ve given their children psychological problems which they will never recover from…..may they roast in Hell for eternity…people like this should not be allowed to live.

  19. There will be prisoners who will teach their ass a lesson.
    sad. very sick and sad.

  20. bring back public hanging! They can be first and second example!

  21. The mom gets 15-30 years and dad gets 10. Huh? Where’s the justice in that? Oh, I forgot, justice depends on how the judge feels that particular day.

  22. They both need to get the death penalty.

  23. I’m confused… wtf… what mother would allow that?

  24. We need to pray for children as well as the parents , if you want to put a stop to this


  26. omg.all the adults should get the dead penalty.omg I couldn’t read it all

  27. I love how no one is discussing the fact that this is a mental disorder; possibly caused by Jonathan’s childhood, and now manifests itself into his present sadistic actions. Completely disturbing, but could have probably been preventable if our mental health system worked as efficiently as it should!

    • Bs… I know where ur going with this and its people like you that will allow this to continue… “Poor him”… Right… I didnt turn out molesting kids and MY daughter. I was beat, molested and tourtured growing up.. I would do the world a favor and take my own life if I had turned out this way… Instead I helped my own damn self thru my faith and beliefs. Just knowing right and wrong helped me… We choose what we want to do in life.. Stop labeling every damn thing people do.. People are just sick, flat out

      • I’m pretty certain you don’t even have a college degree so i’ll explain this in simple terms so even you can understand it. Its people like you; going on about how we should just kill these people because they’ve done such terrible crimes, without even looking at WHY they’ve even begun to think like this in the first place. Obviously its an absolute atrocity and terribly upsetting thing to happen, but our judgmental society never thinks logically about anything because they just want to see more violence, more people rot in jail, and be punished for crimes; which of course they should be, but is left at that. People like you don’t care WHY he did it, just the fact that he did. So yeah, lets kill him. Let’s not try to help these sadistic adults while they are still children and attempt to stop things like this from even being a possibility in that child’s future.

    • WTF does having a college degree have to do with this horrendous evil crime? Logic has nothing to do with it either. I’m going to be graphic here because I think YOU need to actually think about what they did to these children/babies! At this point it doesn’t matter what caused these four people to get a hard dick, shove it up a tiny child’s rectum and/or vagina, and prey on their own flesh and blood! I want YOU to try and visualize how this may have been accomplished. Perhaps hold the baby up above their prick and slam it down! Pretty picture huh? You’re right, the WHY does not matter, and I don’t care! These creatures chose to do what they did. All four CHOSE to get their rocks off by causing pain to innocent babies. ALL FOUR got their jollies by making their own babies BLEED! The women are especially despicable scum because they condoned and participated in this treatment of their children when they had ample opportunities to protect them, and IT WENT ON FOR YEARS! YEARS! We all make our own choices and these creatures MADE THE CHOICE to hurt, maim, mutilate, and possibly disfigure their children. These children will always be emotionally and psychologically wounded. I only pray they will be blessed with the inner fortitude to overcome this atrocious beginning of their lives. People like you make me sick with your stupid bleeding heart for the criminal instead of the victim. Your flippant attitude toward this vile evil act just makes me want to vomit. You disgust me.

      • The college degree would probably have allowed you to see my point. Which obviously you haven’t. Thanks for the disgusting and graphic detail of nonsense. Go to school and learn whats actually going on behind the curtains.

      • Nonsense? What do you think happens then? Are they just sitting around having a spot of tea? I have a college degree in psychology. If you have one, your degree is nothing more than a piece of paper to wipe your ass with. I don’t have to go to school to learn about what really happens behind the curtain you shithead. I WAS BEHIND the curtain from 5 years old to 18. I know the emotional, mental, and physical scars that come from this type of abuse. I also know what freedom it is when a victim can overcome and heal those scars. Why don’t you just stfu about this because you have no idea about the reality of what you’re trying to talk about. If you have any children, I pray something like this never happens to them because their parent (YOU) will take the side of their perpetrator. You still disgust me.

      • You’re arguing, cursing, and making threats on a website for the whole world to see and i’m disgusting? If you have children, I bet they’re real proud to see that. And I’m pretty sure you’re lying about the college degree and about the stuff you said you’ve already dealt with. Because I actually see victimized children everyday at my job. So yeah, I think I might know a little bit about this whole scene. Show some maturity.

      • Threats? WTH are you talking about? What threats? Everything I’ve stated is true, and a fact. Whether you believe it or not makes no difference to me. As a matter of fact, for a number of reasons, I chose not to have any children. Just go about your business of standing up for those that commit heinous crimes and not being an advocate for the victims.

  28. I think that they are all sick and should rot in hell for what they have done to these poor children who did not ask to be brought into this world and could not defend themselves that’s what parents are suppose to protect their children not sexual abuse them or let other people abuse them personally life in prison does not do any justice they should be sentenced to death and well yes it is a mental disorder but they should of all known that is was very wrong and should have gotten some help I mean come on ITS NOT RIGHT TO HAVE SEX WITH ANYONE UNDERAGE LET ALONE IT BE YOUR CHILD!!!!!!!!! just reading this made me feel very sick to my stomach and anyone who thinks that its ok cause he was sick and she was in love is just plain STUPID!!!

  29. Sick sick sick, people like this should be punished in a way that they can feel the pain that they have put onto their children. They will never understand or comprehend the damage they have done. Governments should bring back harsher punishments then people might think twice about doing crimes.

  30. You know, everyone arguing about it being a man or woman problem need to he taken out and bitched slapped. Yall fixated on ur on issues with female and male dominance and not focusing on the real issue. First of its not a man issue or a woman issue. Its a sick disgusting waste of human space and breathe problem. The only difference between men and women on an issue like this, is the fact that sick pervert men think their too smart too get caught while sick perverted women think before they do it. Doesnt mean its a mans problem, just a differance in rationalizing a criminal and immoral act. Theres just as man sick women as men… Think about how many times you hear about women killing their kids. Also really???? “But he told me too”…. Some Woman love blaming a man when its convenient. She and that other sick woman have no excuse, they wanted to do it just as much as the guy. So woman up, and admit it, dont make excuses bc some sick asshole told you too. They should be punished just as severe. A real woman would grab the nearest kitchen knifr and cut him into so many pieces his own mother couldnt identify him. And also Ive read many of stories where the man also followed the womans commands, specially in children murder cases… So everyone drop your egos and focus on some of the real issues here suck as the availability of fantasy incest porn floating around on the net and/or the real deal…. Wanna blame someone??? Blame all of society.. Also people act shocked about such acts??!! Look at real history, molestation, rape, exploitation and sexual abuse has been around since the beginning of man and woman. Even today as we speak, its happening somewhere in the world. In my opinion its the judicial systems fault, society… The punishment doesnt fit the crime.. It may be wrong of me to say but luckily my speech is somewhat halfass free in this country, but I think the death penalty should be enforced more. Yes even in a rape or molestation case. Why not???? They basically have done life threatening, irreversible damage to the children. They will, not maybe, will have issue the rest of their life that will completely change the course of their existence. All because a sick pos disgrace of human waste decided to breed children for the soul purpose of having sex with them. First for anyone to call this man a “former marine” are dead wrong. He is NOT a Marine nor ever was in my book. That title should be the first thing stricken from his record. He is disgrace to the uniform. I would rather loose my so called freedom in this country than to be proud of him for “serving his country”. As far as the women in these cases who allow this, they are NOT mothers. They do not deserve the right to bare a child. So point of my rant is, shut up about men and womens lil ego problems and think about the kids. Petition for the death penalty….. Lol or maximum punishment.. Personally i dont think i should pay taxes anymore if they get to spend life in prison…. I dont want a cent of my money feeding them…

  31. shoot them both

  32. Oh my god. There is rage circulating through my body right now. I can’t even begin to describe the anger I feel! Every adult involved in this should be hanged! They need to be put in a room with “Bubba” or “Bertha” and treated exactly as they treated those poor, innocent babies! There’s a special corner in Hell for people like that, and my God, I’d love nothing more than to see justice served!

  33. They both should get life, and rot in hell.

  34. They should pay for what they did! I say kill them all ! No mercy was given to their children, they deserve a HORRIBLE death!

  35. I do agree with what John said .. He should not be even be recognized that he served for our country. As far as her she is at fault as well she knew he was like that she shouldn’t have even had that baby or baby’s around him so its not just a man to blame its her too . It’s sad because there are folks and great married couples out there that do everything in their power to have a baby and can’t and here we have screwed up individuals like these two. It’s so sad I’m sure their parents are very proud of them .

  36. So sad and unbelievable! Those poor children should have been able to look to their mother for protection. My heart breaks for those kids! There is NO excuse!!!

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