Anonymous Seeking Justice After Charges Dropped in Brutal Killing of 2-Year-Old


A press release from Anonymous introduces “Operation Justice4Savannah,” which points out that murder and child-abuse charges were dropped against the two people accused of being responsible for the brutal death of 2-year-old Savannah Cross

By Matthew Hendley

People associated with Anonymous, the collective of Internet activists, have their eyes on Phoenix.

A press release from Anonymous introduces “Operation Justice4Savannah,” which points out that murder and child-abuse charges were dropped against the two people accused of being responsible for the brutal death of 2-year-old Savannah Cross.

Police said a couple that run something of an unlicensed babysitting service was responsible for Savannah’s death, in December. Ryan Reed, then 27, admitted to abusing the girl, and his wife, then-28-year-old Allison Clement, knew that the abuse was happening, yet didn’t do anything about it.

Yet, just a matter of weeks ago, the charges against Reed and Clement were dropped.

Stephen Cross

Abandoned: her father, Stephen, could not care for her as he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder

Court filings indicate that the medical examiner’s office was very slow to get some tests done, and a deputy Maricopa County attorney assigned to the case repeatedly told the judge that these tests would be in any day — which turned out to not be true. The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, in subsequent court filings, referred to this as some grave miscommunication.

Daycare owner Ryan Reed 'beat girl, 3, to death after toddler's stripper mother had not picked her up for weeks'

Daycare owner Ryan Reed ‘beat girl, 3, to death after toddler’s stripper mother had not picked her up for weeks’

Either way, the charges were dismissed — for now, at least.

This obviously doesn’t sit well with anyone who’s heard about the case.

Court documents indicate Savannah sustained “extensive trauma to include deep tissue bruising, pattern bruising, swelling and abrasions from head to toe, front to back.”

“The medical staff described the bruises as ‘too many to count,'” a probable-cause statement said. “These bruises appeared to be in different stages of healing, and could not have been caused by a single traumatic event.”

Reed and Clement had been watching Savannah full-time for several weeks leading up to her death. A Phoenix police spokesman told us last year that Savannah’s mother simply “needed the help.” The mother would show up at the house occasionally to pay Clement and Reed, police said.

Meanwhile, Reed took to what he called “discipline” of Savannah, by smacking her and flicking her. According to court documents, Reed said he tripped and “stomped” the girl right in the abdomen on one occasion, which apparently turned out to be the fatal blow.

“The victim immediately curled up with her arms around her abdomen and spent the rest of the evening in this posture,” according to the probable-cause statement. “Reed said that he ultimately picked her up and placed her in her playpen that evening and heard her making groaning sounds throughout the night.”


Abandoned: Savannah’s mother Ashley had not collected her from the daycare since Thanksgiving

Reed and Clement sought medical attention, but not until the next morning, when they found Savannah unresponsive.

Investigators eventually discovered that Savannah was sexually abused too, according to court documents.

A letter previously submitted to the court by Savannah’s grandmother sums up how horrifying Savannah’s death was:

Our family does not get to go visit Savannah anymore in between our trials and pain. But, when we do, we go on top of a mountain more than a thousand miles away where she is buried, overlooking the valley she was born in. Savannah’s remains were bruised from head to toe, front to back, hair in tatters, skin on multiple areas -torn, cut, bitten, blinded, forcibly raped and forcibly sodomized, left to die in her own feces and urine as she cried out in anguish, only to be ignored.

Savannah’s remains were so damaged, we could not have a public viewing. Savannah was unrecognizable. Our family is left to live with that pain and torment … and without Savannah to brighten the day or let us relish in the successes she now will never have. We can go visit the place her bruised and tattered remains now lay, but she will never be able to sit in her Grammy’s lap … ever again.

And no one’s facing any punishment for that — again, for now.

That’s still upsetting to Anonymous, which places some specific blame in its press release:

Anonymous and the Cross family wish to thank the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Phoenix Police Homicide Division, all first responders, and the Maricopa County Attorney’s office for a job well done. We stand fully in support of each of you. Our opinion of the Medical Examiner’s office differs slightly.

Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office; you now have our attention. It is clear that you have sat on this case in order to try and boost your budget. Anonymous, the people of Arizona, and the people of the World reject this tactic. It is on you to ensure that this evidence is now processed promptly and correctly so that these monsters may be recharged. Put simply, do your job. We are watching you. Fail and you may expect us.

Anonymous has learned that Savannah’s mother, Ashley Dattoli Livengood, is now employed by the Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix. Anonymous rejects this as suitable employment for Ms. Livengood. It is our collective opinion that this individual, regardless of licensing, is unfit to care for our veterans or for anyone else. We hereby demand her discharge, effective immediately.

All be advised that Anonymous is watching this case very closely. We demand justice for Savannah Cross.

Indeed, there’s a website set up by Anonymous with information on the case, and some calls for action.

People with Anonymous have raised a lot of hell for other causes, so who knows what might happen if the charges don’t come back some time soon.


10 responses to “Anonymous Seeking Justice After Charges Dropped in Brutal Killing of 2-Year-Old

  1. I haven’t seen WHY the mother is unfit to work at the VA…because she was a stripper? because she left her child? did she know savannah was being abused? why is she unfit?…and that you anon for carrying this forward…

  2. moira: the mother is unfit to work at the VA because she neglected her own child.i don’t care how bad it gets no mother should leave their child with anyone.and whats worse is she was a stripper.Veterans don’t want a woman who was a stripper and unfit mother taking care of them.Veterans want someone honorable,and this woman and the 2 people responsible are not nothing to be proud of.The mother showed how much she loved savannah by leaving her doesn’t matter if she knew she was/wasn’t being abused.she left her there without caring what could happen.child abuse is also abandoning a child,when they depend on their mother to care for,love and protect them,not drop them off like they never mattered.i hope savannahs soul finds peace and shes happy playing in heaven with all of the other angels who now will care more about her than her own mother did.Anonymous keep it going! Your doing great,my husband now wishes there was an Anonymous in every state and city. go to hollys page: I am raising awareness for SBS and for other children.

    • While I agree that the mother abandoned the child in this case, I do not agree with your statement that ” you don’t care how bad it gets no mother should leave their child with anyone”. I also disagree with your insinuation that because she was a stripper that somehow she was automatically an unfit mother. It’s easy for someone who is married and probably has a support system of friends and family to help her to say “no mother should leave their child with anyone ever”. However, not every mother is that fortunate. Many moms are single, the children’s fathers are not involved with the child/children (much as in this case), and they may not have a supportive network of friends and family to help them through tough times. This leaves them no option but to leave their children with other people that they may not know as well as they like. If she couldn’t leave the child anywhere, how was she supposed to support her?? Dad wasn’t around to keep her while mom was working so her options were limited. While I do agree she should not have left her for weeks we do not know the situation this woman was in. Maybe she was desperate and thought that the little girl having a routine was better. I don’t know I’m not her. I do know how desperate you can feel as a single mother with no father to help and no support system in place. It’s a scary feeling. Maybe this mother really just doesn’t care, or maybe she just needed a helping hand and nobody ever offered one including dad which is why I do not sympathize for him. As far as her being a stripper: While I may find it distasteful that is my opinion. I would however a woman strip to support her and her children than do nothing.

      • Please stop stop stop!!!!this mom didn’t care off her daughter!all is possible when you are a responsive mother …noone leave his baby for several weeks to personn he doesn’t know very well and withiut worry for him…this make me disgusting bad fait!
        They all failed even grandmother and thé father why doesn’t thé y ask for visitig thé little baby if théy have they would have se en thé situation!!!
        Justice will be done and if it isn’t in this world et will be in another…

  3. Thank you Anonymous for fighting for this child, who can’t fight back. And I agree the fact that the mother isn’t fit to work in a hospital, not because she was a stripper but because she failed this innocent angel. For her I only have one thing to say: she didn’t asked to be born, you decided that, it was your job to protected her, and you failed!

  4. Sorry but nobody leaves their child for weeks at a time not caring if she had the proper care or not. As long as she ( The Mother ) wasn’t burdened by that beautiful little girl. I don’t even want to call her a Mother because she wasn’t a Mom. As for the Beasts that did this to poor little Savannah I hope they rot in hell and before they get there someone literally beats them to death. Poor excuses for human beings the three of them. I hope the Dad can come to peace and get his little Angel back home close to him. Such a horrific thing to happen to an innocent child. Saddens me and turns my stomach at the same time. As for the Mother working for the VA, people get her out of there. Only people with loving, caring hearts should be Employed at a place like that. God Bless that little Angel and pray she gets to go home with Daddy. 😦


  6. i was a victim of beatings torture molesting rape an sodomy buy the time i was 2 from 2 uncles a cousin an my dad no one protected me no one the beatings were pretty bad he got me pregnant at 15 i looked like a 10 year old we were never fed right cold hungry this was the 50s my dad did the worst of it my mom found out when i was 10 he convinced her i blackmailed him into he caught me haveing sex with my brothers which was not true she learned the truth years later but stayed with him anyway out of fear an shame i still suffer i think people like this should have thier jenitals cut off i mean cut off an beat them an yes no fit mother leaves her kid for weeks at a time that is neglect not for all strippers thier not bad people but leaveing your kid for weeks at a time sorry folks it makes her just as guilty she should be charged as for the wife of the perpetraitor she should be charged as an excessory to to bad thier was no vigilantie justice but god will punish them i still believe that all perps should have it cut off an lose the priveledge for life its that hainus a crime sorry folks its the truth

  7. Wow. First let me say that I agree that the monsters that did this should be done away with. It’s disgusting what people do to innocent babies these days. While I agree that the mother leaving her child for weeks at a time is deplorable it sickens me that mom is crucified for abandoning her child while dad is sympathized and prayed for when he did the same. He had just as much of a responsibility to this child as mom did. If he had been doing his part instead of leaving mom alone to do it on her own maybe she wouldn’t have needed to leave the child with these people. I think it’s disgusting that he left the entire responsibility of raising this child on mom but then when something bad happens he is up front and center pointing fingers and eating up the sympathy that he doesn’t deserve. He is just as guilty as mom! She showed her lack of caring when she left the child for weeks with babysitters, and he showed his when he abandoned his child and showed no concern for her welfare by ensuring she was being taken care of. Don’t get me wrong there are just as many dead beat moms out there as there are dead beat dads. The difference is a dead beat mom
    will be crucified for her shortcomings/mistakes, while a dead beat dad will be given the benefit of the doubt and have excuses made for him to the ends of the world (hence the PTSD). My father had PTSD after being through several wars, he got treatment and he raised ALL 12 of his children.

  8. These monsters need to be disposed of. Anyone who can hurt a child simply does not need to roam this earth. Any mother who leaves her child that long and doesn’t take time to even check on her child is just as guilty. I can’t even go without atleast talking with my child on the phone everynight when she stays somewhere. I seen a news story of a man getting life in prison for accidently causing his babies death and these monsters don’t get anything when their was actual semen found in her body that linked the man to her??? Something needs to change, and looking at her facebook she doesn’t seem to give a shit what happened to her child.

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