Website Exposes Alleged Child Sex Predators

This man has been asking to have sex with a 14 year old girl online
Name: Charles Stewart Age: 26 Location: Palmerston North

New Zealand–Graphic sex chat by 39 Kiwi men, many with an intention of meeting a 13- or 14- year old Kiwi girl for sex, is the latest incident fueling widespread concerns about the sexual exploitation of underage girls in this country. Details of the website aired on 3News tonight.

All 39 men who feature on the website are identifiable through photographs, their Christian name and surname, town or suburb, and age. For some, their place of work, a cell-phone number, email address, driver’s licence or car plate number is also provided. Explicit sex chats appear on each.

Stop Demand Foundation, which tackles issues of sexual violence, exploitation and denigration of women and girls, describes much of the chat as “utterly vile”.

“What is particularly concerning”, says founder Denise Ritchie, “is that within many of those chats was a clearly stated intention for a meeting to take place. One man, ‘Warren’, a 49- year-old from Hamilton asks a girl he believes to be a 14-year-old virgin, how many condoms he should bring to his first meeting. In addition to incest fantasies, he talks of ‘holding your little girl body down’ while he engages in various sex acts.”

“’Charlie’, 26, from Palmerston North, asks a girl he believes to be 14 and a virgin, if she would be willing to be tied up and gagged while he perpetuated various sex acts. He asked if she would participate in ‘consensual rape’, be his sex slave which involved ‘pretty much just me f***ing you whenever and however I want’ but adds ‘well u know that if I do start doing the rape thing I probs wont stop (sic)’.”

This latest revelation follows on the heels of the “Roast Busters” storm, both of which, says Ritchie, “exposes the depressing, callous, cesspool mentality of these men, that underage girls are mere sexual toys for their illegal pleasure”.

While the attitude of the males concerned is one issue, Stop Demand says the response by the Police is another. “This website links to a Facebook page set up seven months ago, which ‘likes’ Auckland Police, Waitemata Police and Counties-Manukau Police,” notes Ritchie. “The Police have been spoon-fed details, including contact details, about these 39 men. The obvious question is: what steps have the Police taken to investigate these men?”



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