Chinese Company Removes Child Sex Doll After Outrage



DHgate, a Chinese e-commerce platform, has deactivated the account of a Chinese retailer of child-like sex dolls after a social media campaign by a rights advocacy group stirred outrage.

An online seller based in Fujian province was selling silicone dolls resembling pre-teen girls on the retailing platform. The “real life baby doll” was advertised in children’s clothing and photographed next to children’s toys. It sold wholesale for US$178 per piece.

DHgate’s Facebook page was flooded with hundreds of messages criticizing the sale of the child-like dolls after the New Jersey-based anti-human trafficking advocacy group Dining for Dignity launched a social media campaign against the product on Friday.

By Sunday evening, the silicone product was no longer on sale and the seller’s account had been deactivated.

DHgate “is against the selling of products that promote pedophilia,” a company spokesperson told Kelly Master, Dining for Dignity’s founder, in an emailed statement on Sunday. “Product listings for ‘child-like sex dolls’ have been removed.”

Kelly told the South China Morning Post the widespread outrage was vital to bring about the closure of the online store. “I wrote [DHgate] first, they didn’t respond to me,” said Kelly. “They blocked me and removed my comments [on Facebook], but then they started to get inundated with hundreds and hundreds of comments.”

The seller of the dolls, identified as AllanChow89, had been active since 2011, according to his profile on the platform. He had 89 child-like dolls in stock and completed 242 transactions overall, a cached copy of his profile shows.

Childlike Sex Doll

Kelly said she had also received links to the same doll sold on online shopping sites operated by Alibaba, China’s largest e-commerce company. A search online shows several childlike sex dolls on sale on Taobao, an Alibaba platform. One advertised by a retailer in Qingdao, Shandong province, sells for 90 yuan (HK$115).

Kelly is preparing a similar campaign to pressure China’s largest e-commerce company to follow suit and stop the sale of these dolls online.

She said she is confident the e-commerce platforms will react to public pressure. “When you have thousands of thousands of people writing on social media, it can impact your sales,” she said.

DHgate did not immediately reply to a written request for comment. An Alibaba spokesperson said the company does not allow such products to be sold on its e-commerce platform. “Should any related listings be found, they will immediately be removed and members penalized,” she said in an emailed statement.


9 responses to “Chinese Company Removes Child Sex Doll After Outrage

  1. Its a toy, if it keeps REAL children SAFE I say keep selling them. I would rather perverts fulfill their sick fantasies on this than on my or anybody else’s child.

    • I would imagine that anyone buying such an item are pedophiles to begin with or are pedophiles-in-the-making and after a while a child sex doll wouldn’t be enough for them and they’d look for a real child to abuse.

    • jeremy this just further disassociates a paedophile from the pain he is causing, objectifying the child whilst escalating the fantasy to dangerous point. the only thing that stops paedophiles is keeping them away from the rest of society. even chemical castration fails. this is just another sign of a sick mind.

    • Are u sick in the head Jeremy Davis?!?! U must be one of these pedophiles because no one in their right mind would feel that it is ok to buy one of these dolls. Just because a monster buys a doll to fulfill their fantasies does not mean that they are not thinking of harming children. U are either in denial, stupid or a monster your self! We need to keep fighting these sick monsters and making laws stricter for child abusers! That is the answer to this disgusting problem.

  2. What a disgusting attitude to take, Jeremy!

  3. The problem that you don’t see with selling these dolls is the message we are sending. That it is acceptable to have sex with children as young as 8yr (the age these dolls resemble). FURTHERMORE, the pedophiles will not stop there because just like an addiction it will not be enough. The doll will not be sufficient to feed their appetite so eventually they will go looking for you children!!!! WE NEED TO SEND A CLEAR AND UNITED MESSAGE THAT – NO CHILD SHOULD BE USED FOR SEX!!!!!! If you have pedophilia, Get help! don’t ruin a child’s life because you need to satisfy a sinful desire!!!

  4. I agree traffick alerts, there is ttoo many sick people about these days and would have to be sick in the head to purchase one.

  5. I hope they go after every single person that purchased one of this “dolls” and put them on an alert system for potential pedophiles. We need to stop the sell of these all over the world.

  6. Prostitutes don’t stop men from raping. These dolls will not stop baby rapers. I don’t think Jeremie meant any harm in his statement. He thought the dolls could serve as a pacification tool, or substitute. This world has become so ill.

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