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Locked Up, Starved, Abused: Street Children Caged Like Dogs in Preparation for Pope’s Visit

There are 17 detention centers across the city, where an estimated 20,000 children a year are detained and sometimes kept for months, according to Daily Mail.

There are 17 detention centers across the city, where an estimated 20,000 children a year are detained and sometimes kept for months, according to Daily Mail.

By Abigail James (NEWS CONSORTIUM)

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – “Street children as young as five are being caged in brutal detention centers alongside adult criminals in a cynical drive to smarten up the Philippines capital,” explained Daily Mail.

Disregarding their own Filipino child protection laws, the locked-up children are placed in filthy detention centers, where they sleep on the cold concrete floors, use buckets as toilets, get physically abused by older inmates, are nearly starved and in some cases, chained up to the pillars.

Adult inmates are kept in a pen directly next to the cell holding boys and girls; they freely pass back and forth through the compounds during certain times of the day and abuse the children.

The center is hidden away in the slums of Manila’s Paranaque district, and ironically named “House of Hope.”

Pope’s Visit to Philippines

“This is completely beneath human dignity and the rights of all the children here are being violated,” expressed Noble Peace Prize-nominated Irish missionary Father Shay Cullen, to MailOnline. “They have no basic rights. There is no education. There is no entertainment. There is no proper human development. There is nowhere to eat and they sleep on a concrete floor. There is no proper judicial process.

“These kids are totally without protection. They have no legal representation. They are just put in jail and left to fend for themselves,” he continued.

According to Father Shay, there was never any chance of the Pope seeing the horrendous detention centers in Manila while touring the capital. “They are a shame on the nation. Officials here would be horrified at the prospect of the Pope seeing children treated in this way.”

Adult inmates in Philippines lock up centers

Locked up children are often abused by the older inmates in the same compound center.

This is not the first time children have been captured for hiding in the Philippines; Catherine Scerri, deputy director of street children charity Bahay Tuluyan, explained to MailOnline that this terrible act commonly happens right before a big public figure arrives in the capital.

“More children have been picked up in recent weeks and there has been a pattern of this happening before big international events in the past,” Scerri stated. “It happened before President Obama’s visit to the Philippines in April last year. When we tried to have them released we were told they couldn’t come out until after Obama had gone and the children were very much given the impression that they were rescued because of this visit.”

girl chained to pole in Philippines detention center

13-year-old, Angel, was chained to a post in the RAC detention center and left there crying.

Officials claim the round-up was strictly to protect the Pope from beggars taking advantage of him.

Despite previous anger in the Philippines last year over a an 11-year-old child starved into a skeletal figure at another detention center, the Manila Reception and Action Centre (RAC), the practice of capturing non-criminal children and placing them in deplorable living conditions continues.

Locked up Filipino children

Filipino children are ‘rescued’ from the streets and put in lock-up centers where they are severely neglected for months.

“There is no reason the shelters (centers) should be like this and what I find soul-destroying is the apathy of the people who work in and around places like RAC and allow this brutality,” said Scerri. “I can understand a lack of resources, but what I find so frustrating is the violence, torture and apathy and the fact that people are standing by and letting this happen. I think that is completely inexcusable.”

Skeletal kid in Philippines detention center

Notorious detention center, Manila Reception and Action Centre (RAC) received anger and protests from citizens after a skeletal 11-year-old was pictured lying on the ground, apparently near death. However, no effective changes were made to the detention centers.






“Incest Mom” Sentenced to 219 Year in Prison Over Alabama Sex Ring

  • Wendy Holland must serve at least 50 years in prison before parole consideration, a court heard on Thursday
  • She and 10 other family members and family friends are charged as part of an incestuous sex ring accused of molesting children over years
  • Details about the group emerged after the disappearance in 2012 of 19-year-old Brittney Wood
  • In a letter read in court, one of the group’s underage female victims said years of abuse had left her traumatized
  • ‘I was a little girl being held down and raped,’ wrote the victim, who was in court
  • Another member of the three-generation Alabama family
  • sex ring, William Brownlee, received a 20-year prison sentence 


Wendy Holland, 35, showed no emotion as the judge sentenced her to 219 years in prison on Thursday for her role in an incestuous sex ring accused of molesting children for years (file photo from court date last month)

Wendy Holland, 35, showed no emotion as the judge sentenced her to 219 years in prison on Thursday for her role in an incestuous sex ring accused of molesting children for years (file photo from court date last month)

An Alabama woman has been sentenced to 219 years in prison for her role in an incestuous sex ring accused of molesting children for years.

Wendy Holland, 35, showed no emotion as the judge condemned her on Thursday to what amounts to a life sentence. She must serve at least 50 years in prison before parole consideration, a prosecutor said.

Jurors convicted the woman of sodomy, sexual abuse and other charges last month.

Another defendant, William Brownlee, got a 20-year prison sentence. Brownlee, 50, was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse in the fall.

The two were among 11 people charged with sex crimes following the disappearance in 2012 of a suspected victim of the ring, 19-year-old Brittney Wood. She remains missing and is presumed dead.

Baldwin Council Circuit Judge Jody Bishop gave both Holland and Brownlee the maximum sentence and said each deserved more time. Each still faces additional charges involving other alleged victims.

In a letter read in court, the underage female victim in both cases said years of abuse left her traumatized. She has a hard time trusting anyone, gets angry easily and rarely feels safe.

‘I was a little girl being held down and raped,’ wrote the victim, who was in court.

Authorities said the two were part of a group of relatives and friends who sexually abused children and swapped their own kids for sex for years.

William Brownlee received a 20-year prison sentence on Thursday for his role in the three-generation Alabama family sex ring.

Holland is the widow of the alleged leader of the group, Donnie Holland, who was Brittney Wood’s uncle.

The teen went missing around the time Holland was found with a gunshot to the head; his death was later ruled a suicide.

Wendy and Donnie Holland’s 22-year-old son Donald Paul Holland Jr. — charged with incest, rape and sexual abuse as another alleged participant in the ring — appeared before the judge in a closed hearing after his mother’s sentencing.

Details about the group emerged following the disappearance in 2012 of a suspected victim of the ring, 19-year-old Brittney Wood, left. She remains missing and is presumed dead

He was seen being arrested and led away in handcuffs afterward, but the outcome of his case wasn’t made public because he was handled as a youthful offender following a request by the defense.

Even without Brittney Wood to testify, two of her uncles and an older brother already pleaded guilty to sex charges before juries convicted Wendy Holland and Brownlee.

In the letter read in court, the underage teen abused by both Holland, a relative, and Brownlee, a family friend, compared her youth to being lost in a maze.

Brittney Wood’s uncle Donnie Holland killed himself not long after her disappearance.

The teen said she felt like she was constantly looking into shadows around corners in fear of more sexual torture.

‘The people who were supposed to protect me were the ones hurting me,’ she wrote in the letter.

Last month a jury took just two hours to find Wendy Holland guilty of sodomy, sexual abuse, sexual torture and child endangerment.

Wendy and Donnie Holland’s 22-year-old son Donald Paul Holland Jr. has been charged with incest, rape and sexual abuse as another alleged participant in the ring

The trial gave no clue as to the whereabouts of the presumed dead family member Brittney Wood, but it did give voice to abuse victims who claimed the sexual torture started when kids were still in diapers and involved family six-ways.

A teenager testifying to being part of a family sex ring told jurors Tuesday that she was first molested while still in diapers.

The young woman, who is still a minor, said her earliest memories include having sex with adult relatives — one of whom was Holland. Despite that, the teen tearfully said she still loves Holland ‘with all my heart.’

Brittney Wood was last seen at Tillman's Corner, Alabama, in May 2012. She is presumed dead

Brittney Wood was last seen at Tillman’s Corner, Alabama, in May 2012. She is presumed dead

The state rested its case following a session during which the teen testified that her relatives often had group sex. She said it sometimes including Holland’s missing 19-year-old niece Brittney Wood.

‘We would be in a circle and we’d all switch up,’ the girl testified.

Prosecutor Teresa Heinz asked how often such things occurred.

‘It happened a bunch,’ she said. A male relative who pleaded guilty later testified he once had six-way sex with a group of relatives that included the girl and Holland.

Crying, the teen had to stand up to see over the judge’s desk to identify Holland as one of the people who abused her.

Holland dabbed at her eyes and looked at the girl only briefly.


Chessie Wood, Brittney’s mother: Two counts of sodomy and sex abuse of a child less than 12.

Derek Wood, Brittney’s brother: Second degree rape and second degree sodomy.

Nelton ‘Butch’ Morgan: Rape and sex abuse of a child under 12.

Dustin Kent: Two counts of rape, sex abuse, sodomy and production of obscene material of a person under 17. He allegedly raped a 13-year-old while her father looked on

William ‘Billy’ Brownlee: Two counts of rape, sodomy and sex abuse.

Mendy Kent: Sodomy and sex abuse.

Wendy Holland: Sodomy, sex abuse and child torture.

James Cumbaa: Rape, sodomy, and sex abuse.

Randall Scott Wood: Second degree sodomy, enticing a child to enter and second degree rape.

Jennifer Moore: Production of pornography involving minors and second-degree child abuse.

Donald Holland Jr: Incest and second degree rape


Georgia Man Forced Son into Sex Acts with Family Dog

Image from WJBF-TV

AUGUSTA, GA. – A man from a Georgia county that borders South Carolina is facing a charge of child molestation.

Isaac Seman, 35, of Martinez, allegedly forced a 10-year-old boy to have sex while he created a video of the incident — and later took part in the acts, Columbia County Deputies say.

There was a video made of the activity that was posted on YouTube. The video has since been removed.

The sexual activity also involved a dog, Columbia County Deputies say.

According to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Seman narrated the video, saying the child and a dog were going to re-enact a scene from the movie “Brokeback Mountain.”

Seman reportedly encouraged the boy to engage in the activity, and Seman also took part, deputies said.

According to WAGT-TV, which obtained the sheriff’s report, the dog was encouraged to start “humping” the boy.

Seman then allegedly told the boy  to “grab the dog’s hips and give it to him,” WAGT reported, citing sheriff’s deputies.

The video reportedly went on to show Seman physically masturbating the dog and then telling the boy to masturbate the dog, WAGT-TV reported, citing the sheriff’s report.

The sheriff’s report says that the boy did so and Semen then allegedly masturbated the dog a second time, according to the report obtained by WAGT.

The video was reportedly uploaded by the child. Officials at the child’s school found out about the video and notified authorities.

Seman was arrested Tuesday. Columbia County borders South Carolina and is just northwest of Augusta.

— Info from WJBF-TV


Mother Allegedly Tried to Sell Newborn Baby Twice to Pay Off Drug Debt

Mother-of-three, 24, allegedly tried to sell newborn baby for $5000 to cover drug debt

  • Leeanna Brown was arrested Tuesday in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and charged with child endangerment
  • She is accused of trying to sell her newborn daughter on two separate occasions for $5000 to cover overdue fines and court costs associated with a drug charge in July
  • The baby was born Nov. 26
  • Brown’s cousin, Luonda Martin, who was planning to adopt the baby, reported the matter to police after Brown attempted to take back her daughter this week
  • Brown has two other daughters – aged one and two – who were under temporary guardianship with another couple
  • All three children are now with Child Protective Services
Kentucky woman leeanna brown tried to sell baby to cover drug fines

Kentucky woman leeanna brown tried to sell baby to cover drug fines

It’s a case that has left veteran police officers in Kentucky shocked and appalled.

A 24-year-old woman has been charged for allegedly trying to sell her newborn baby to two different people for $5,000 in order to cover fines and fees associated with felony drug charges.

Police in Elizabethtown were made aware of the crimes of Leeanna Brown after her cousin, Luonda Martin – who had custody of the baby girl at the center of the case – arrived at the Hardin County police station and reported Brown for attempting to take her daughter back.

Martin told police she was planning to adopt the baby – who has not been named – but that Brown had changed her mind and decided to give the little girl to someone else, according to The News-Enterprise.

Leeanna Brown, 24, tried to sell her baby twice, said police in Hardin County, Ky.

The little girl at the center of the case, who has not been named, is believed to have been born on November 26. Police will allege in court that her mother, Leeanna Brown, attempted to sell her twice

Brown – who has previously been convicted of check fraud and shoplifting – was charged in July with nonpayment of fines and first degree possession of a controlled substance.

She gave birth on November 26.

Brown stands accused of trying to sell her baby to one woman for $5,000, however the deal fell through.

She then offered the child to her cousin, but only if Martin would cover her fines and court costs.

Brown also has two other daughters – a one-year-old and a two-year-old.

The arrest citation in the case shows the person to whom Brown tried to sell her baby also has temporary guardianship of the other two children.

Leeanna Brown, 24, tried to sell her baby twice, said police in Hardin County, Ky.

This photo, posted on Facebook on Dec. 3, shows Luonda Martin (left) – cousin of the accused – and her husband with the little girl at the center of the case. Martin told police shewas trying to adopt the baby, born Nov. 26, but that Brown had demanded her back

Leeanna Brown, 24, tried to sell her baby twice, said police in Hardin County, Ky.

Leeanna Brown, 24, tried to sell her baby twice, said police in Hardin County, Ky., to cover costs associated with drug charges laid against her in July

However police have since discovered the one-year-old has been in the care of another couple for at least seven months.

All three children were taken into emergency custody by Child Protective Services.

The people involved are also facing individual criminal charges, police said.

‘It’s bizarre,’ said Elizabethtown Police Officer Virgil Willoughby.

‘You can’t just arbitrarily make a decision ‘I’m going to give this child to person A, B, or C’ and take money in exchange for that.

‘No. You can’t do that.’

Kentucky woman leeanna brown tried to sell baby to cover drug fines

Interrogation: Leeanna Brown, 24, is interviewed by Hardin County police this week following her arrest for child endangerment

Leeanna Brown, 24, tried to sell her baby twice, said police in Hardin County, Ky.

Leeanna Brown, 24, is being held at the Hardin County Detention Center (pictured) on a bond of $15,000 cash

Brown is being held at the Hardin County Detention Center.

Her bond has been set at $15,000 cash.

She was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in prison.

Mother Allegedly Tried to Sell Newborn to Cover Drug Debt

12 Children Removed After Generations of Incest

 New president for Children’s Court

Peter Johnstone, president of the New South Wales Children’s Court.

Anne Davies

In July last year, locals in a quiet valley in south-western NSW were startled to see three police four-wheel drives, a police bus and an ambulance bouncing up an old stock route towards a remote timbered block, tucked away from the road.

Police and child protection officers left with 12 children under the age of 16 in what is shaping as one of the most serious child abuse cases in Australia.

The day they arrived it looked like the circus had come to town.

The children were malnourished, filthy, could barely talk, had appalling hygiene and had been living without electricity and running water. What emerged is a truly horrific case of child sex abuse and intergenerational incest. As the royal commission on child abuse within institutions gets under way, the events at this farm highlight what many say is a far more serious threat to children: sexual abuse within the family.

It also raises serious questions about how, Australia-wide, authorities failed three generations of victims, many of whom have now turned into perpetrators.

In September this year, the NSW Children’s Court decided to permanently remove the children and in a rare move, published its decision because it laid new ground on when children could be permanently removed. In Victoria, there was another order two months ago to remove children from another branch of the family.

Apprehended violence orders have been taken out to stop the parents approaching the children, who have been placed in homes and in foster care. Next week one mother will face charges relating to an attempt to remove a child from care.

All names in this article have been changed due to legal requirements not to identify child victims.


Just a short drive from Canberra is a small town in prime merino country. The wide main street and substantial buildings point to an era when Australia rode on the sheep’s back. There are still big properties, but up in the valleys that stretch out from the town are smaller farms, used increasingly as hobby farms or boltholes for those on the fringes of society. The Colt family were in the second category. There is no suggestion they were part of a religious cult. They seemed motivated by a desire to keep below the radar of the law.

Two sisters paid a relatively modest sum for the land from a local farmer in 2009 and soon the rest of the family followed from interstate. ”The day they arrived it looked like the circus had come to town,” says a neighbour. ”Caravans, cars filled with kids. ”

Soon after the Colts arrived they came to the attention of police and the education department for failing to send their children to school. The education authorities were unable to find the farm because it was so hidden, but a local policeman visited early on and told the mothers they had to send their children to school.

The younger ones were enrolled in a small bush school with remedial teachers, while the older children were enrolled at the high school.

Neighbors realized there was a large group living on the land, but the Colts kept to themselves and returned stock that strayed onto their property.

”Apart from the noise of the chainsaws, they didn’t really worry us,” a neighbor says. ”I knew there were children living up there, but I never heard any noise of laughing or playing.” The family were seen in town shopping and two of the men worked for the local shire. The men also chopped down trees and sold it for firewood. The family also received money from Centrelink.

But all was not well. The children’s attendance at school was patchy, several of them were rake thin and wore dirty clothes. Soon risk-of-harm reports began coming in to the Department of Family and Community Services from teachers and the local bus driver.

But it took two years before the department acted. Finally, in June 2012, the authorities visited and were met with scenes of harrowing deprivation. One police officer told colleagues she would never get over what she saw that day.

Proceedings before the Children’s Court heard the family was living without permanent electricity or running water. There were no toilets and they washed in a tub. One caravan housing one group had dirt, cigarette butts and rubbish on the floor. Three children’s beds were dirty and unmade, cooking facilities were very dirty and a gas barbecue was used for heating inside the confined space.

The second caravan had dirt on all surfaces and two broken windows.

A third mother slept in a tent with her daughters, while the sons slept in another. There were exposed electricity wires, chainsaws without covers, and piles of rubbish, the reports said.

The children were observed to be neglected in significant ways. Most were far behind their peers in terms of educational development and some had no formal schooling at all. Some were developmentally delayed and others showed signs of more permanent intellectual impairment.

Several of the children were unable to speak intelligibly. Their dental health was appalling and several did not know how to use a toothbrush.

The family were given a timeframe to fix up the property, but in the meantime more information emerged and the director-general of FACS decided the children needed to be removed immediately.

Since taking the children away, the authorities have uncovered an even darker picture: of intergenerational incest and child sex abuse involving children as young as five.

Away from their families, the children began exhibiting inappropriate sexual behavior and told carers they had engaged in sexual acts with each other and watched adults having sex on the farm.

The department ordered genetic testing to clarify the status of the children. The tests showed that all but one child of the 12 removed had parents who were related or closely related.

The four mothers, Rhonda, Betty, Martha and Raylene, have disputed the genetic testing, saying it is wrong and offering the names of alternate fathers. All were either dead or unable to be located.

Older members of the family have not been tested but the judge in the Children’s Court made several references to ”intergenerational incest”.

According to the court record, the Colt grandparents, Tim and June married in New Zealand in 1966 and came first to South Australia during the 1970s with their six children. They moved to Victoria, South Australia again, then Western Australia, before ending up in NSW. There is evidence the abuse began back then and possibly even earlier.

Dwayne, one of Betty’s sons, told his carers he and his siblings were told never to tell anyone that their father was in fact his grandfather, Tim, because his mother, Betty, would be sent to jail because she had started having sex with him when she was 12.

Betty has had 13 children. The testing of the five children under 16 showed that the 15 year old had closely related parents, possibly a father/daughter, while the other four had related parents.

But the incest has not stopped at one generation.

Tammy, Betty’s third child, aged 27, has come to the attention of authorities in Victoria after one of her children died at Canberra Hospital of a rare genetic disease, Zellweger syndrome, and she and Betty failed to attend an appointment to discuss the role close consanguinity between parents can play.

Her two remaining children were taken into care in February this year. At a hearing to take out an apprehended violence order against her partner, Derek Colt – who had threatened ”to kill her if he couldn’t have her” – she told a social worker Derek was in fact her younger brother and father of her children.

She also revealed she had been abused within the Colt family from the age of 12 when other family members began having sex with her, including her brothers and cousins. She said the same happened to other girls on the farm and that her mother, Betty encouraged this activity.

When the girls fell pregnant, they were not permitted to see a doctor in case someone discovered what was happening. Sometimes there were miscarriages but Tammy managed to secretly put herself on the pill from the age of 16.

The big question to be answered is how these children – and their mothers before them – managed to fall through the child protection net in a civilized country such as Australia.

Part of the problem is that child protection is a state-based responsibility. When the Colts came to the attention of authorities the family simply snatched the kids and moved states, choosing isolated places to resettle.

But against that background there is evidence the Colts were registered for federal benefits, raising questions about how state authorities were unable to follow up on these vulnerable children.

In the case of the NSW authorities, the Department of Community Services received seven risk-of-significant-harm reports in the two years before July 2012 when the children were removed. Asked why it had failed to act, the department refused to provide any detailed response as the matter is ongoing.

”The children are safe and living with foster carers,” the department said. ”Like many child-protection matters, this case involves a number of complexities and Community Services caseworkers are working closely with FACS’ partners in Health, Education and in the non-government sector to provide ongoing support and assistance to the children.”

The mothers have contested their children’s removal in the courts and continue to agitate for their return.

But the Children’s Court judge found they had not come to terms with ”their own traumatic past” and until they acknowledged the history of incest in the family they would be unable to engage in therapy and be protective parents.


Mother Who Burnt 19-Year-Old Son’s Penis, Nipples Off Gets up to 30 Years in Prison

christine gelineau

A New Hampshire woman has been sentenced to nine to 30 years after pleading guilty in the torture of her 18-year-old son.


A mother who burnt off her son’s nipples and penis with a lighter has been jailed for 30 years.

Christine Gelineau, 53, from Massachusetts, beat and burned the 19-year-old over the course of some weeks earlier this year, reports the Concord Monitor.

Two other individuals are alleged to have taken part in the abuse including 20-year-old Daniel Tyler Cantrell from Tennessee, charged with strangling the man, breaking his ankle and forcing him to eat excrement and worms.

The victim’s cousin, 29-year-old Amy Nason is also accused of ordering him to “to ingest urine, faeces, earth worms and dish soap“, reports the Concord Patch.

She will be sentenced in the coming fortnight.

At his mother’s sentencing the victim described the abuse he had gone through.

Reading from a statement he said: “Dear ex-Mother.

“What you did to me is unforgivable. You beat me, starved me, almost chopped my penis off, threw my clothes away, wouldn’t let me bathe. You almost killed me by having me take three (antidepressants) and two muscle-relaxers.

“Now that I know you’re a complete criminal and only wanted me dead so you could go back to your old life.

“You won’t be able to attend my graduation or see me go on to college, so I wish you goodbye. I hope you realise you have lost everything you had.”

According to the Daily Mail, Gelineau pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and witness tampering.

An affidavit for the case says Gelineau burned her son’s penis while Cantrell burned the man’s nipples until they were “completely burned off”.

daniel tyler cantrel

Daniel Tyler Cantrell from Tennessee, was charged with strangling the man, breaking his ankle and forcing him to eat excrement and worms.

During the abuse, Gelineau also beat her son over the head with a stick.

Police Lt. Timothy O’Malley said at the time: “This is among or one of the most disturbing things we’ve ever seen.

“We don’t believe his injuries are life-threatening, but they are extremely disturbing, and there are serious injuries.”

Remarkably, officials were first notified of the abuse by a 12-year-old girl who saw the abuse while staying at the house with a friend.

Though an exact motive as to what prompted the abuse is unclear, prosecutors said they believe it had something to do with the victim — who is mentally challenged —no longer receiving financial assistance from the government, according to The Daily Mail.

The unnamed victim has returned to school and is living with relatives.

County Attorney Scott Murray, said: “He’s doing very well but obviously he has a lot to deal with and it’s going to be a long recovery period.”