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Mother Accused of Raping her 3 Children While Adults Paid to Watch

Natalie Webb accused child rapist

Natalie Lynn Webb, the 30-year-old Oklahoma mother is accused of sexually abusing three of her children in front of other adults who paid to watch her do so, from December 2012 to March 2013.

Natalie Webb, an Oklahoma mom, stands charged today with raping three of her own four children — and a police affidavit says other adults paid her for the privilege of watching. The fourth child escaped the abuse only by hiding in a dumpster, the affidavit says.

Authorities in Beckham County say they were alerted to accusations against Natalie Webb in August of 2013 when an Oklahoma Department of Human Services investigator reported that Natalie Webb was “selling sex” with children to other adults, according to KOKH TV News in Oklahoma City.

The DHS investigator said the allegation came from a boy under 9 years old, who said that Natalie Webb was abusing him and three other children. Webb denied to police that she had done anything to harm her children and asked to take a polygraph test, which she failed, The Huffington Post reported.

The police affidavit, obtained by The Huffington Post and viewable below, says an 8-year-old boy and his two 3-year-old sisters suffered the rapes at the hands of Natalie Webb, their own mother, while groups of adults looked on. The adults are believed to have paid Webb to watch her sexually abuse her children.

The affidavit is based largely on the statements of Natalie Webb’s oldest son, age nine, who told police he avoided being raped by his mother when he ran away and hid in an outdoor trash receptacle.

The 9-year-old said that he witnessed his brother being abused and heard screaming and crying from his toddler-aged sisters from inside the room where he believed the abuse to be occurring. One of the 3-year-olds also told investigators that she was abused, describing the feeling as “nasty.”

The older boy said that his mother used a foreign object of some kind in the rapes.

The Elk City mother denied the allegations to Beckham County Sheriff’s investigator Steve Bonds, saying, “Somebody hurt ‘em. I’m supposed to protect my kids.”

“Natalie, you didn’t,” Bonds replied, according to The Huffington Post.

Natalie Webb is also a methamphetamine user who would inject the drug, and who has admitted being under the influence while in the company of her children, according to the affidavit in which the boy attributed the sexual abuse to his mother’s drug use.

“When mom took the needles it would make her act different,” the affidavit refers to the boy as telling police. “She would act weird and… her arm would have little dots where it was bleeding.”

And as if allegations of sexual abuse weren’t bad enough, the kids also told authorities that they were routinely beaten, repeatedly thrown up against walls “over and over again,” and starved.

“[The 9-year-old] said his mom would not feed them and he would have to find stuff and cook it in the microwave or pop tarts and stuff,” the affidavit reads.

“If there was nothing [the children] would just scavenge the floor. On the floor they would find crumbs or cookies that were there from a week ago.”

Although Webb adamantly denied to police that she sexually molested her children, she failed a polygraph test when questioned about the rapes.

Natalie Lynn Webb has a history of previous felony convictions for child endangerment and drug possession, plus “misdemeanor convictions of unlawful possession of paraphernalia, bogus checks and unauthorized use of a credit card.”

Webb, whose four children now live with their grandparents, is being held on a $2 million bond.

Natalie Webb was charged with the sexual abuse of children under 12, and child neglect. No-one can explain why she’s smiling so eerily in her mugshot.

Natalie Lynn Webb Probable Cause Affidavit.



Indiana Mother Pleads Guilty to Selling Daughters for Porn

Natisha Hillard

Christopher Bour, left, and Natisha Hillard, right

Elvia Malagon

HAMMOND | A Gary woman accused of letting a man use her two daughters to make child pornography has entered a plea agreement, according to federal court records.

Natisha Hillard pleaded guilty to sale of child by parent for production of child pornography and two counts of permitting of child by parent to participate in the production of child pornography, according to the plea agreement filed Monday in U.S. District Court, Hammond.

Hillard will have to register as a sex offender as part of the plea agreement. According to the agreement, she could face 30 years to life in prison on the charge of selling a child for production of child pornography.

According to court documents, one child was as young as 6 months to 18 months old and the other girl was between 3 and 5 years old.

The investigation began in February when a woman reported to police that Christopher M. Bour, of Gary, sent her text messages indicating a child was going to be sexually abused, according to court records.

Bour was charged in February and officials were able to trace two of the children in some of the child pornography to Hillard, according to court records. Hillard met Bour through an online dating website.

According to an indictment, Hillard is seen in some of the pornographic photos police recovered.

Bour was charged with purchasing a child to produce child pornography, three counts of producing child pornography and possession of child pornography featuring a minor younger than 12.

According to a motion filed in November, Bour is scheduled to stand trial Feb. 10.


80 Arrested in Prostitution Sting


A collage of many of the 80 suspects arrested in a Polk County Sheriff’s Office prostitution sting. (Polk County Sheriff’s Office, Polk County Sheriff’s Office)

Detectives in Florida’s Polk County conducted a four day prostitution investigation that resulted in the arrests of 80 suspects, as well as rescuing at least one trafficked victim.

The investigation occurred between December 12th and December 15th, resulting in a myriad of charges, including soliciting for prostitution, soliciting another to commit a lewd act, deriving proceeds from prostitution and aiding/abetting prostitution.

Undercover detectives posted ads on various websites in an effort to arrest 24 men or “Johns,” as well as others contributing to the illegal industry.

WFLA reports that 66 percent of those arrested have criminal pasts, totaling over 395 crimes committed.

Polk Country Sheriff Grady Judd told WFLA, “Prostitution is not a victimless crime… We arrested a 16-year-old girl from Orlando on Saturday for prostitution. She was driven to our undercover location by a 20-year-old man. The teen is clearly a victim of sex trafficking.”

Judd went on to inform WFLA that the man responsible for driving the teenage victim was arrested and the police force will continue to do everything they can to get her help, as well as track down those involved in the trafficking.

Saving Child Prostitutes

FILE – In this Nov. 4, 2009 file photo, police talk to two young women before arresting them for prostitution in Dallas. The young woman second from left turned out to be underage at the time of her arrest. In a city known as a national hotbed for prostitution, a special Dallas police unit is trying new approaches to identify, reach and save underage girls being lured into the street life. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

It is hardly a victimless crime, and one the world has seen play out time and time again. A similar investigation in Canada resulted in the rescue of 386 children — and subsequently 348 arrests — of  those who were involved in child pornography.

As devastating as these reports seem, they are also in some ways victorious.

Zach Hiner, a spokesperson for Prevent Child Abuse America, said, “When people are actively aware of what’s going on in the world around them, and more importantly, learn more about what they can do to help change or improve the world, great things will happen.”

The more people hear about sex trafficking, child pornography and prostitution crimes, it motivates them into a place of action. In many ways, that motivation stems from news reports like the one following Florida’s recent crackdown.

Hiner explains, “By reporting on events in a way that makes everyone realize how close we are to each other, but also how a small bit of time and energy can go a very long way, the media can help us achieve our goal of creating a society which gives children and families the best chance to succeed.”


Domestic Partners Accused of Sexual Torture, Holding Child Captive

Charles Dunnavant was charged with sodomy, sexual torture, aggravated child abuse and transmitting/exposing person to an STD for his connection to the Huntsville child sexual abuse and pornography case. (Sarah Cole/scole@al.com)

By Brian Lawson | blawson@al.com 

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Two Huntsville men who were domestic partners, according to prosecutors, appear at the center of a child sex abuse and child pornography case that reaches far beyond Huntsville, the Madison County District Attorney’s office said today.

Prosecutors are seeking a $1 million cash bond for Charles Dunnavant, who is charged with sexual torture, sodomy, aggravated child abuse and transmitting or exposing a person to a STD, in connection with the case against Carl Herold, who faces similar sex charges and child pornography production charges.

Herold, a Wyoming native who has a computer background and worked from home, according to prosecutors, moved to Huntsville about eight months ago. He operated a YouTube page called “Computer Science for Everyone.”

He was arrested last month by the Huntsville Police Department.

Dunnavant, who is from North Alabama-southern Tennessee, worked as a loan officer for Redstone Federal Credit Union until the investigation began in early November, said Madison County Assistant District Attorney Gabrielle Helix.

Dunnavant lived with Herold and Herold’s son in Huntsville. Court records list Herold’s address on the 3000 block of Lakewood Drive Northwest.

Dunnavant was arrested at a family home in Lincoln County, Tenn., Friday investigators said. During a hearing this afternoon seeking to raise Dunnavant’s bond from $276,000 cash-only to $1 million cash-only, Huntsville Police Department investigator Chad Smith testified he was contacted by the FBI in early November about the possibility of a child sex victim in Huntsville.

Smith said investigators came across numerous photos depicting sexual torture involving a child. Smith said investigators had an interview with the child, now 9, and he led investigators to his father. Herold spoke to investigators for several hours, Smith said, and implicated Dunnavant.


Carl Philip Herold (Huntsville Police Department)

Smith also testified the child did not attend school in Huntsville and investigators could find no medical records for the child.

Dunnavant’s attorney Brian White, asked the investigator if the child they interviewed was depicted in the photos. Smith said investigators found more than 100 photos, but he didn’t want to look too closely at the child depicted.

In arguing for the $1 million bond, Helix said bond is about securing the defendant’s presence in court and community safety.

“He has the means of travel, family out of state and some of the allegations are there was much travel in the lives of Dunnavant and Herold,” she said. “They held the child captive for eight months and there are no standards, taboos or lines this defendant and his co-defendant hesitated to cross.”

Herold has a bond hearing set for Tuesday on the same $1 million cash-only bond request from Assistant DA Jason Scully-Clemmons, who is working on the cases with Helix.

Austin said she’d take the bond request under advisement and did not immediately rule.

The cases are expected to be consolidated for prosecution in Madison County.

“There are other potential jurisdictions with defendants, not anywhere near Alabama,” Helix said.

Sex Slaves in Cages: Mumbai’s 20,000 Prostitutes


Taken by Hazel Thompson (takenebook.com)

Guddi was only 11 years old when a neighbour persuaded her father to send her to Mumbai, with the promise of a well-paid job as a housemaid to help feed her family in her poor village in West Bengal in eastern India.

That promise was nothing but a pretext. The neighbour trafficked her to Mumbai’s red light district, and Guddi became one of the estimated 20,000 girls and women plying the streets of Kamathipura.

British photographer Hazel Thompson has spent the last decade investigating the sex trade in India after hearing that women in Mumbai were being held in cages “to break them” before making them work as prostitutes.

She described how prostitutes are indeed sometimes held in cages, without seeing daylight, for up to five years.

The only time they are let out is to service men, she told delegates at the second annual Trust Women conference, organised by the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the International New York Times.

“Over the years girls described the box cages to me, saying they couldn’t move in the space,” Thompson said. “These horrors really exist. Slavery is a reality.”

Guddi, a prostitute working in Mumbai’s red light district. Guddi is featured in “Taken” an ebook by British photographer Hazel Thompson, who spent the last decade documenting the lives of prostitutes in Kamathipura, India’s biggest red light district. Photo: HAZEL THOMPSON

The very smallest of these cages, which she described as box cages, are too small for the girls to move in.

“My question is:  ‘Would the men come to these brothels if they knew they were not paying for sex, but paying to rape a slave?’” Thompson said.

Guddi was not put in a cage but when when she arrived at the brothel, she was raped by a client and sustained injuries so severe that she spent three months in hospital.

Her story and that of other child prostitutes is documented in “Taken”, Thompson’s ebook published in October.

The book contains text, images and videos to convey a sense of what life is like in Kamathipura,  established more than 150 years ago during colonial rule as a “comfort zone” for British soldiers.

Thompson first went to Kamathipura in 2002. With the help of Bombay Teen Challenge, a local charity, she went under cover, disguised as an aid worker.

Her fixer was a former street criminal himself and his mother a former prostitute, so he was able to help Thompson “unlock the secrets” of the district.

Thompson found out that the cages were originally built to protect the girls, who were recruited as prostitutes by the British during the colonial period.

The police not only do nothing to stop the trafficking but regularly accept bribes from the brothel owners and give them warnings of raids, Thompson said.

“It is completely a lawless place,” she said, “which the police continue to allow to thrive.”

Thompson last saw Guddi in April. Thompson begged her to leave, telling her  that otherwise she would die there.

“But my life was taken when they brought me here,” Guddi told her.

Thompson’s ebook, Taken, is available on the iTunes store.




Child Sex Shame of Brazil: Prostitute, 14, Used by Workers at England World Cup Venue

Yards from a new £200m stadium, Poliana sells her body to dozens of construction workers in their lunch break for just £2.60 a time

Exploited: Poliana, 14, is one of the oldest

Sitting on a bed covered in cuddly toys, her long hair tied with a pink scrunchie, 14-year-old Poliana looks like any innocent young teenager.

But instead she is part of a sickening child prostitution scandal that heaps shame on World Cup hosts Brazil.

In this bedroom, only yards from a new £200 million stadium where England will play in next summer’s finals, Poliana sells her body to dozens of construction workers in their lunch break every day for just £2.60 a time.

And she is not alone.

A Sunday Mirror investigation reveals how hundreds of poverty stricken children, some aged just ELEVEN, are being sold to workers building Sao Paulo’s showcase World Cup ground.

Yet they are feared to be just the start of a tidal wave of child prostitutes run by organised crime from drugs gangs and child sex traffickers to the Russian mafia. And they will swamp here and other stadiums in Brazil, luring lucrative foreign fans, when the tournament kicks off in June.

Already there are sinister reports of buses full of children like Poliana arriving in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city with 11.3 million people, from poor parts of the country after being snatched by traffickers.

The city’s worried justice secretary, Eloisa de Sousa Arruda, told us of cases of underage girls arriving through its international airport from the Congo and Somalia, supposedly financed by the Russian mafia.

And a Sao Paulo council inquiry into child prostitution, seen by the Sunday Mirror before publication, shows the crime-ridden city is powerless to stop them – because there is “no political will” to do so.

Every day, the grotesque trade goes on in broad daylight in roads near the stadium in the poor district of Itaquera – in full view of security guards and regular police patrols.


The girls sometimes take clients back to local run-down sex hotels, or work from their own bedrooms in shacks in a local squalid ‘favela’ or shanty town.

Residents of Favela da Paz, a slum in the shadow of the stadium, claim many of the girls are forced into prostitution by gangs.

We found Poliana after being led to her bedroom by other girls plying their trade close to the stadium’s perimeter fence.

She said she normally arranges to meet clients in a local sex motel, the pink-painted Hotel Palace, even though Brazilian law bans minors from entering such vice dens. “The owners know me, they always let me in,” she said.

Poliana said most of her trade comes from the 300 workers building Sao Paulo’s Arena Corinthians. Two weeks ago she discovered she is pregnant.

The youngster told us how she fell headlong into the world of prostitution only three months ago. She said: “It was the night my mother died. I’d been tempted to do prostitution before – some of my friends were doing it and there were people wanting me to do it.

“But when she died I just lost it. I went out on the streets that night. I didn’t know how I would find money to eat or pay the rent. It didn’t take long to find people wanting to pay. There were lots of men from the stadium turning up looking for sex.”

Poliana said she knows many other underage girls from poor communities around the stadium who sell their bodies to stadium workers employed by Odebrecht Infrastructure.

She said: “There are many who are younger than me, 11, 12. I’m often the oldest girl on the road. When the World Cup begins there will be many more girls my age and younger. Everyone thinks they can make a lot of money from the foreigners coming here.”

FIFA World Cup - Sao Paulo Stadium/City Views

Thousands of England fans will be in Sao Paulo for the team’s second group game on June 19 against Uruguay. Another girl, 16-year-old Thais, left a man waiting inside a garage where she sometimes takes clients so she could speak to us.

A crack addict, Thais said she charges between 10 and 15 Reals – £2.60 to £4 – and has sex with up to 15 men a day.

“Nearly all my clients are from the works,” she said. “They always pay up, but they don’t always treat me well.

“But what can I do? My parents are dead, I need money. If it were not for the men at the stadium, I don’t know what I’d do. Tomorrow one of them has booked a whole day in the hotel – it will be a good day’s work for me.”

Thais also said she is “looking forward” to earning more during the World Cup. She said: “I’m going to charge the foreigners 50 Reals (£13) a time. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of work from the football fans.”

The city council’s inquiry into rocketing child prostitution paints a disturbing picture. A public hotline to report cases has “not stopped ringing” since it was set up nine months ago, said councillor Laercio Benko, the inquiry’s president. Reports include allegations children are being forcibly recruited into the sex trade by drugs gangsters.

The inquiry, due to publish its findings next month, also heard how pimps had been approaching men working at the stadium, offering them “very young girls” for sale. Cllr Benko said he fears the city could become a “child prostitution hub” before the big kick-off.

He said: “Sao Paulo is not organised to prevent this type of child sexual exploitation, not right now and much less during big events like the 2014 World Cup. What we are hearing are very serious ­allegations which demand responses, but I’m afraid there’s a lack of political will to bring it to an end.”

The nightmare is repeated across Brazil. In a recent survey of 300 workers on World Cup projects, 57 per cent said they knew of underage prostitution close to the sites. Astonishingly, a quarter of the men interviewed admitted they had paid for sex with children on one or more occasions.

An anti-trafficking expert told us: “For trafficking gangs the World Cup represents an unprecedented opportunity to make money. Foreign fans need to be aware of this – and that sex with a minor in Brazil carries up to 10 years’ jail.”

Back in the Favela da Paz, as building workers follow children into squalid shanty homes, dad-of-four Anderson Fonseca, 34, told us: “Since the work on the stadium started, it’s got out of control. Every day you see more girls, and much younger girls.”

Two weeks ago the Arena Corinthians raised fears of Brazil’s readiness to host the World Cup after a huge crane collapsed onto the structure, killing two workers.

But Sao Paulo’s chilling child prostitution ­explosion reveals even deeper worries about the country’s suitability to run the tournament.

A statement from construction firm Odebrecht Infrastructure said on Friday it “has not been ­notified” of child abuse allegations and is “unaware of any information about them.”

Child Sex Shame of Brazil: Prostitute, 14, Used by Workers at England World Cup Venue