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Georgia Man Forced Son into Sex Acts with Family Dog

Image from WJBF-TV

AUGUSTA, GA. – A man from a Georgia county that borders South Carolina is facing a charge of child molestation.

Isaac Seman, 35, of Martinez, allegedly forced a 10-year-old boy to have sex while he created a video of the incident — and later took part in the acts, Columbia County Deputies say.

There was a video made of the activity that was posted on YouTube. The video has since been removed.

The sexual activity also involved a dog, Columbia County Deputies say.

According to a Columbia County Sheriff’s Office incident report, Seman narrated the video, saying the child and a dog were going to re-enact a scene from the movie “Brokeback Mountain.”

Seman reportedly encouraged the boy to engage in the activity, and Seman also took part, deputies said.

According to WAGT-TV, which obtained the sheriff’s report, the dog was encouraged to start “humping” the boy.

Seman then allegedly told the boy  to “grab the dog’s hips and give it to him,” WAGT reported, citing sheriff’s deputies.

The video reportedly went on to show Seman physically masturbating the dog and then telling the boy to masturbate the dog, WAGT-TV reported, citing the sheriff’s report.

The sheriff’s report says that the boy did so and Semen then allegedly masturbated the dog a second time, according to the report obtained by WAGT.

The video was reportedly uploaded by the child. Officials at the child’s school found out about the video and notified authorities.

Seman was arrested Tuesday. Columbia County borders South Carolina and is just northwest of Augusta.

— Info from WJBF-TV



Indiana Mother Pleads Guilty to Selling Daughters for Porn

Natisha Hillard

Christopher Bour, left, and Natisha Hillard, right

Elvia Malagon

HAMMOND | A Gary woman accused of letting a man use her two daughters to make child pornography has entered a plea agreement, according to federal court records.

Natisha Hillard pleaded guilty to sale of child by parent for production of child pornography and two counts of permitting of child by parent to participate in the production of child pornography, according to the plea agreement filed Monday in U.S. District Court, Hammond.

Hillard will have to register as a sex offender as part of the plea agreement. According to the agreement, she could face 30 years to life in prison on the charge of selling a child for production of child pornography.

According to court documents, one child was as young as 6 months to 18 months old and the other girl was between 3 and 5 years old.

The investigation began in February when a woman reported to police that Christopher M. Bour, of Gary, sent her text messages indicating a child was going to be sexually abused, according to court records.

Bour was charged in February and officials were able to trace two of the children in some of the child pornography to Hillard, according to court records. Hillard met Bour through an online dating website.

According to an indictment, Hillard is seen in some of the pornographic photos police recovered.

Bour was charged with purchasing a child to produce child pornography, three counts of producing child pornography and possession of child pornography featuring a minor younger than 12.

According to a motion filed in November, Bour is scheduled to stand trial Feb. 10.


Former Senate Staffer Charged with Child Pornography

AP Senator Staffer Investigation

U.S. postal police walk with Ryan Loskarn, center, who was chief of staff for U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander on Dec. 11 in Washington.

Eric Tucker

WASHINGTON (AP) — A former chief of staff for Sen. Lamar Alexander has asked a judge to release him from custody and let him live with his parents as he faces federal child pornography charges.

Ryan Loskarn, 35, was arrested Wednesday on charges of possessing child pornography and attempting to distribute it. A judge ordered him detained pending another court appearance Monday.

Loskarn’s lawyers filed a motion Friday requesting that be freed from custody and released to his parents, who live in Maryland. They say he is prepared to give up his passport, undergo a mental health evaluation and avoid contact with underage children, among other conditions.

“Without tracing every step in his career, Mr. Loskarn has an impressive employment record that has included increasing responsibilities and authority. He has no history of drug or alcohol abuse and Mr. Loskarn’s background suggests that he is a decent, hardworking, loyal employee, friend and family member,” the lawyers wrote.

Prosecutors accuse Loskarn of making purchases in 2010 and 2011 from a movie production company whose films feature young nude boys. They say investigators identified Loskarn’s residential IP address on a peer-to-peer network offering files “with names that are consistent with child pornography broadcasting as a download candidate.”

Authorities arrested Loskarn after using a ram to break into his Washington home. Police who went to the home said they saw him place an item on a ledge outside a window that was later determined to be a portable hard drive with videos depicting child pornography.

Loskarn’s attorneys have not responded to the allegations and one of his attorneys, Stuart Sears, declined to comment Saturday. But in their bond motion, they contend that a written summary of allegations filed against Loskarn is “less clear” about whether he ever knowingly or intentionally tried to distribute pornographic videos.

Alexander, a Tennessee Republican, fired Loskarn the day he was arrested.

“The courts will determine his guilt or innocence, but the information in the complaint is repugnant and disturbing,” Alexander said in statement.

Loskarn had been Alexander’s chief of staff for two years.


World’s Largest Child Porn Dealer May Walk Free After Ireland Drops Charges

‘World’s biggest child porn dealer’ who says 100 years in U.S. jail is ‘too harsh’ may walk free after Ireland drops charges

  • Irish authorities have revealed Eric Eoin Marques will not be prosecuted
  • The 28-year-old is facing possible extradition to the U.S. by the FBI
  • But it is unclear whether Ireland will hand him over to the U.S.
  • Marques is wanted on four charges of distributing child pornography
In court: Ireland's DPP has revealed Eric Eoin Marques, aged 28, will not be prosecuted. He is pictured here being led to the High Court in Dublin, Ireland

In court: Ireland’s DPP has revealed Eric Eoin Marques, aged 28, will not be prosecuted. He is pictured here being led to the High Court in Dublin, Ireland


An Irishman wanted in the U.S. for allegedly being the world’s biggest child porn dealer could go free, it emerged today.

Irish authorities have revealed Eric Eoin Marques will not be prosecuted under their jurisdiction and may challenge an attempt by the U.S. to get him extradited.

Last month the 28-year-old, who the FBI has accused of being the ‘largest facilitator of child porn on the planet’, indicated he would plead guilty to a series of charges under Irish law.

But Ireland’s director of public prosecutions Claire Loftus has now said she will not bring proceedings against him in Ireland – a decision she has not explained.

It leaves the U.S. facing an uphill battle to extradite Marques because of its stiffer sentencing regime.

In Ireland, Marques, who has no criminal record, faced a maximum 14-year jail term that would have been reduced significantly by an early guilty plea.

However, in America the FBI told a court last month that he faced a total at least 100 years – four life terms in Ireland – behind bars if found guilty of the charges he is accused of.

Unlike Ireland, each of the U.S. charges carries a sentence of between 20 and 30 years and are likely to run consecutively, rather than concurrently.

Lawyers for Marques are expected to argue that U.S. sentences for similar charges are too harsh in comparison with Ireland’s, and that Ireland should refuse to extradite him.

Further, under Irish law the Justice Minister has the power to refuse an extradition where the DPP has decided not to bring proceedings against a suspect, the Irish Independent reported.

Mr Marques’s senior counsel, Remy Farrell, told the paper the direction from the DPP before the accused’s extradition hearing, which is expected early next year, was a ‘very significant event’.

Mr Marques is accused of being the 'largest facilitator of child porn on the planet' by the FBI

Mr Marques is accused of being the ‘largest facilitator of child porn on the planet’ by the FBI

After appearing before a High Court judge, Marques was denied bail and is considered a 'flight risk' by gardai and FBI

After appearing before a High Court judge, Marques was denied bail and is considered a ‘flight risk’ by gardai and FBI

Last month Marques appeared before the High Court in Ireland, after he was arrested in Dublin in August on a Maryland warrant for four charges of distributing and promoting child pornography on the internet.

The images he is accused of distributing and promoting relate to distressing depictions of youngsters being raped or tortured.

Mr Marques, who has no previous convictions, has been identified as a ‘flight risk’ by gardai and the FBI.

The High Court heard that large payments had been transferred to accounts in Romania, and his computer’s browsing history revealed that he had inquired about Russian visas.

His arrest coincided with the disappearance of a vast number of ‘hidden services’ hosted on anonymous encrypted network Tor.

The website is accessed via a program called Tor which enables all members to remain anonymous online and uses an ‘onion’ system to make sure their IP address is always hidden from police.

Tor is free software and an open network that makes identifying the physical location of the computers operating the marketplace – or anyone visiting it – all but impossible.

It protects internet users against a form of network surveillance and state security known as traffic analysis.

They can be used for good – such as activists trapped in oppressive regimes – or bad, with drug dealers selling illegal substances without risk of getting caught.

Marques is alleged to be behind Freedom Hosting, a major hidden services hosting provider, Arstechnica reported.

Freedom Hosting was one of a number of hosting providers specializing in hidden services.

The business — which is in no way connected to the Tor Project — allegedly hosts child pornography sites, as well as sites that allowed pornography traffickers to post their links for distribution, Arstechnica reported.

Freedom Hosting was brought to the public’s attention in October 2011 after the hacking collective Anonymous shut down the largest host of such illegal material on the Web.

In a statement issued on the internet, Anonymous said that it had warned Freedom Hosting to take the sites down but the company failed to do so.

Anonymous hackers then disabled its servers and would continue to do so until the material was removed.

Its operation began on October 14 and targeted child porn on the ‘darknet’ – anonymised sites designed to protect users’ identities, which are invisible to normal web users.

Anonymous hackers detected the links to the pornography and removed them but they were up again within five minutes.

They then discovered that 95 per cent of the links were being hosted by Freedom Hosting and so shut down the firm’s servers.

Freedom Hosting switched to their backups but Anonymous closed them down again.

Child Porn Dealer Walks Free in Ireland


Man Admits Using 5-Week-Old Baby Girl in Child Pornography

Tommy Lee Waugh

An East Tennessee man pleaded guilty Thursday to federal sex crimes involving an infant relative and faces 40 years in prison pending an April 9 sentencing hearing.

A Morgan County man is facing federal child pornography charges after authorities rescued a baby girl in his care. Authorities say he sexually abused the child, recorded it, and shared the images over the internet.

According to Knoxville Police, Tommy Lee Waugh, 29, of Wartburg, pleaded guilty in federal court Thursday morning to production of child pornography, distribution, and a Sorna violation because he is already a convicted sex offender.

KPD’s Internet Crimes Unit got a tip in July that Waugh was sexually abusing the 5-6 week infant. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children issued a Priority 1 cyber tip that means there is an eminent threat to a child.

“It’s horrific. I can’t even describe it,” said Lt. Warren Hamlin of KPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit.

KPD says when they saw the images, they knew they had to rescue the child as soon as possible to prevent any more abuse.

“This was probably newborn a victim as I’ve seen,” said Lt. Hamlin, “Knowing that she was out there close to us really gives you a sense of urgency.”

Within 24 hours, KPD and other agencies rescued the child and took her to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital. The parent’s rights were terminated, and the girl was placed in foster care and is doing well.

KPD spokesperson, Darrell DeBusk, said, “It took many people moving quickly and cautiously to save the child’s life.”

Waugh originally pleaded not guilty to these charges, but changed his plea this week. The recommended sentence is 40 years behind bars. A judge will determine his sentence on April 9.

According to TBI’s Sexual Offender Registry, Waugh was convicted in 2010 on aggravated statutory rape charges, and in 2009 on sexual exploitation of a minor.

From January 2012 to Sept 2013, KPD’s ICAC unit investigated 139 cases leading to 53 arrests.

Infant Used in Child Pornography

Google Vows to Block Child Pornography

David Cameron has welcomed Google promises to tackle illegal images as a “significant step forward”. Microsoft is expected to follow suit

Nut cutlet talk harms recovery, says Boris Johnson

Nut cutlet talk harms recovery, says Boris Johnson


Google, the Internet search giant, has promised a worldwide block on search results linked to child abuse.

In an about turn the media firm has agreed to make changes which will prevent illegal child pornography appearing for more than 100,000 different searches.

The news comes ahead of Downing Street summit on online pornography later today, when Microsoft, which operates Bing and Yahoo search engines, is expected to announce it is introducing similar terms.

David Cameron, the Prime Minister, told the Daily Mail the decision by the two Internet giants represented a “really significant step forward” after the companies had insisted that it “couldn’t be done, shouldn’t be done”.

Google says it has developed the technology to tag the illegal images and videos so that all duplicates can be removed across the Internet.

The restrictions will be launched in the UK first, before being expanded to other English-speaking countries and 158 other languages in the next six months.

A further 13,000 search terms linked with child sex abuse will flash up with warnings from Google and charities telling the user that the content could be illegal and pointing them towards help.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman, said: ‘We’ve listened. We’ve fine-tuned Google Search to prevent links to child sexual abuse material from appearing in our results.”

Despite praising the efforts of the company, Mr Cameron said that the move may not go far enough, threatening legislation if the firms refuse to do more.

“We learnt from cases like the murder of Tia Sharp and April Jones that people will often start accessing extreme material via a simple search in one of the mainstream search engines,” the Prime Minister said.

Google and Microsoft, who cover 95 per cent of the market, had originally argued against the very principle of blocking the material, claiming it could not and should not be done.

New algorithms, sets of instructions for software, have now been developed which block illegal pornography and pathways to illegal content.

Auto-complete features which prompt child abuse search terms will also be blocked. The system is designed to pick up on new code words or terpedo pedophiles start to use and block search results for these too.

Google has offered to share the technology it has developed in the fight against online pornography with other companies.

While Mr Schmidt admitted that “no algorithm is perfect”, he pledged that his company would give technical support to those trying to combat child pornography.

“While society will never wholly eliminate such depravity, we should do everything in our power to protect children from harm,” he said.

The Internet companies will also work alongside the National Crime Agency and the Internet Watch Foundation to target “peer to peer” file sharing networks which paedophiles use to contact each other.

Mr Cameron added: “If the search engines are unable to deliver on their commitment to prevent child abuse material being returned from search terms used by pedophiles, I will bring forward legislation that will ensure it happens.

“There are some terms that are so shocking and unambiguous that I believe they should return nothing at all. It’s not an infringement of free speech, it’s responsible business practice.”

Peter Barron, Google spokesman, said: “The sexual abuse of children ruins young lives. It’s why we proactively remove these awful images from our services–and report offenders to the authorities.

“But the government’s right that our industry can do more. So we’ve developed new technology to detect and remove videos of abuse, we are showing warnings against search terms related to child sexual abuse, and we are fine tuning our search engine to prevent this material appearing in our results.

” We hope this will make difference in the fight against this terrible crime”

John Carr, a child protection campaigner, added: “Google and Microsoft have really pulled out the stops. This is a very impressive initiative.

“It is narrowing the spaces in which pedophiles and collectors of child abuse images can operate. The challenge now is to work out how to gauge the effectiveness and learn from the various measures that are being put in place but I am sure there is a will so we can find a way.”